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Most home buyers will have a home inspection done

Buying a home can be a very exiting time but also stressful. Especially selling you current home. Like most people selling their home you have probably put in time and money improving the curb appeal of your house. Maybe you even did some painting or had the carpets cleaned and fixed the little things you knew needed fixing. That’s great because first impressions are very important. So now you have a potential buyer interested in your house. Awesome. What happens next? Well now you get a call from your agent saying the buyer wants to set up an appointment for a home inspection. Ok, no problem, you’ve got the house looking nice and fixed all the little things you knew about. The only problem is, a home inspector isn’t looking at whether the walls have fresh paint or the carpets are brand new. You may even have brand new kitchen cabinets that look great. But were they installed correctly? Your furnace is only a couple years old and works great, so no problems there right? Wrong. What if the flue isn’t properly installed or the wrong material was used. These are the kinds of things that a home inspector will be looking for. So now at the last minute the buyer wants all these issues fixed by a contractor or the price reduced.

What a pre listing home inspection will do for you

By having a pre listing home inspection you can avoid a lot of the stress of selling your home. A lot of the issues that will be found by a home inspector are minor and can be taken care of by yourself for minimum costs. Having a home inspection done before you even list your home will give you plenty of time to take care of any issues on your time schedule. This will also help your agent to price your home appropriately and ensure a stress free transaction without last minute delays or a potential buyer walking away from the deal.

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