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NWI House Inspections 


NWI House Inspections We are also certified and insured to offer NWI House Inspections that entail wind mitigation inspection. Any home buyer or real estate who will take NWI House Inspection that includes wind mitigation inspection will undoubtedly benefit from this.

The benefits achieved because wind mitigation reduces the premium and private insurers by reducing their claims. The checklist for our home inspectors performing NWI House Inspections entailing wind mitigation include; roof shape, roof covering, opening protection roof-to-wall connections, roof deck attachment and garage doors.

Each component and structure in the checklist is checked and determined if they are functioning as a unit and are in the functional state.

NWI House Inspections 

The mission of Haas Home Inspections is to provide my clients with the highest quality home inspection and report possible. With my NWI House Inspectionspassion for helping people , my 35 years of experience in construction and my commitment to continuing education, I want every client to know they made the best choice by having a home inspection done by Haas Home Inspections.

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 We are a Certified Professional Inspector of InterNACHI

NWI House Inspections

As a certified InterNACHI inspector I am required to stay up to date with the industry’s most rigorous online continuing education and video training courses, which have been awarded hundreds of approvals and accreditation by state and governmental agencies.

I adhere to a comprehensive Standards of Practice and abide by a strict code of ethics, which puts my clients first.